This Is Our Land

Oleg's and Bandit Ambush

The party arrives and finds out they didn't get the whole story

DM Note: Players should feel free to edit in views and observations of their characters.

It took the group a few days to travel down to Oleg’s Trading Post from Brevoy after they received their charters. They spent the time learning a little bit about each other.

Bern, a half-orc ranger. Quiet and serious-minded. A pioneer looking to stay away from the more heavily populated, and political, cities.

Corwyn, a human cleric of Torag. Takes his faith seriously, rather knightly, but is otherwise fairly easy-going. A cousin to the Surtova’s now ruling Brevoy, but forever on the outside, looking to show that the whole family is not full of scheming power-mongers.

Zachariah, a human magus. Looking to make a name for himself. Friendly, and doesn’t mind a few (dozen?) drinks when he isn’t on the job. Wants to join the ranks of the Aldori.

Lars, a half-elven Oracle of the Wind. Rangy, charming and laid back. (Traits need to be picked so I can blurb about why he is on this expedition.)

Dugan, a human paladin of Erastil. Good-hearted with a folksy wisdom — no book-learning for this salt-of-the-earth guy. (Traits need to be picked so I can blurb about why he is on this expedition.)

Lily, human druid with tiger companion. Another pioneer looking to maintain a healthy balance between civilization and the wilderness. (Player missed first session.)

Svetlana Leveton greeted the companions warmly while her husband was busy fixing a leaky roof. While she fed them a hearty stew for midday meal, she mentioned how happy she and Oleg were that the group would be able to help them with their bandit problem. There was a moment of confusion, the group not having been told there was an immediate bandit problem, but Corwyn and Bern were both especially willing to help out this kind homesteader. And her standoffish husband.

The plan was to draw the bandits in when they arrived by having Lars and Corwyn pretend to be normal travelers stopping for a meal. When the bandits moved to the tables to have their own meals, Bern and Dugan would drop down from hiding near the gate and close it, keeping the bandits from escaping easily. Zachariah would wait in the stables until fighting started, then spring out and help.

The plan worked very well, though the lead bandit, Happs Brydon, did manage to wound both Corwyn and Dugan with his bow. After a couple of dazes from Zachariah on Happs while the others took out the thugs, the last thug and Happs both surrendered. The unrepentant Happs was placed in a midden until they could arrange for him to be sent for trial and punishment back in Brevoy. The last thug, Neiri, was only in the gang to make some money and readily agreed to show the group where the bandits camped along the river.

The group was discussing how far to trust the ex-bandit as the night ended.



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