This Is Our Land

They Mite Be Giants 1

Still in search of a ring...

The group picked up another bandit who was looking for something better to do with her life in the person of Dendara. She knew a little more about this mysterious bandit leader called the Stag Lord. Told them the liquor was for him and also told them that Svetlana’s ring was stolen by some mites a few days ago. She was also able to give directions to the Old Sycamore. They tied the other bandits into their wagon and hauled them back to Oleg’s to be taken back to Brevoy for trial (and most likely hanging). On the way, Neiri warned them about the spider’s nest off to the west, and Dendara warned them that the Stag Lord was a very formidable opponent.

At Oleg’s, the Swordlords’s response to Oleg’s many requests for aid against the bandits had arrived during the group’s three day travel to the Thorn Ford. Kesten Garess, part of a minor noble house came south to make a name for himself, or die trying. He took possession of the bandits, assuring the party that they would be sent back to Restov with the next soldiers to pass through, which would be more often now that the charter was being used.

Still wondering why the Stag Lord wanted this liquor specifically, they decided to visit the local eccentric, Bokken and find out if he could identify any special properties in it. After a day spent exploring and mapping, they stopped at Bokken’s and he said he’d do it if they retrieved some Fangberries for his use in making potions. He gave them some vague, but mostly accurate directions. They decided to check out the mite’s lair on the way to try to find Svetlana’s ring.

The mite’s lair was difficult in the beginning. The cramped spaces found the group having difficulty adjusting their swings and foot work. The first encounter ended only when Lars’ summoned viper managed to poison the last mite. By the time they rescued Mikmek, the kobold being tortured, they had figured out the low ceiling and managed to drop the mob of mites. The huge centipede was nearly the death of them, especially Berne who lost a large chunk of flesh to the beast. Luckily, it was entangled by Lily at the beginning of the fight and was easier to hit and unable to strike at full potential. The carcass dropped lifelessly into the chasm. (and we ended the session here)



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