This Is Our Land

They Mite Be Giants 2

Mites and Kobolds and Rings

After that huge centipede, the group paused to gather themselves, then attempted to climb over the chasm. Dugan’s armor made that difficult, but luckily Berne had thought ahead and tied a rope to his waist. Once across, they could hear some sort of discussion going on in the room ahead. Berne scouted ahead and found 5 mites and a rather large tick in the room. A hurried, whispered discussion followed, and they decided to have Lars summon a viper to bite one of the mites, there by distracting them while the others attacked.

It worked well, though the party had some trouble in the cramped quarters again early. Dugan wounded the tick greatly, and Berne finished it off. The mite the viper bit eventually died of the poison. When the last one realized he was the last one, he fled, shrieking further into the tunnels.

Notes on the table let them know that the ring they had been following had actually been stolen by the kobolds. And Mikmek chittered happily when he saw the statue of Old Sharptooth — the mighty winged kobold who watched over their tribe. He cheered that they could finally get rid of Tartuk, then tried to take it back. The PCs finally got out of him that Tartuk was the shaman who told them that if they didn’t do what Old Sharptooth wanted, then the tribe would be cursed. Dugan quickly realized that Tartuk was the only one who could hear what Old Sharptooth wanted. It was decided that they would trade the statue for Svetlana’s ring, and Mikmek would lead them to the kobold warrens.

After a night’s rest to regain spells and some health, they traveled a few hours to the rocky hill that contained the kobold lair. They plan was for Mikmek to go in and bring the Chief out to dicuss the trade. Outside the lair, Mikmek and the guard Nakpik had a slightly heated conversation before they went in and returned with Chief Sootscale in all his glory and a few guards. Once he found out they wanted the ring, he reluctantly told them Tartuk had it, so the group asked for Tartuk to come out. Even more reluctantly, the Chief sent one of his minions back in to get the shaman. When Dugan showed that they did indeed have the statue, Tartuk shrieked and ordered the tribe to attack the group for defiling the statue with their scaleless hands.

An entangle caught most of the kobolds. The chief was just outside the area and Tartuk was able to dodge and twist to stay free. Mikmek moved away from the area of the fight, not wanting to be involved. Even the Chief, free though he was, stayed on the edge of the fight. The group moved up to the spell area, and Tartuk threw out a cause fear at Corwyn, which the cleric easily shook off. The Chief called to Dugan for the statue, and Dugan stated the terms again — statue for ring. The Chief agreed and when Dugan rode to him and gave him the statue, the chief smashed it on the ground and ordered the tribe to kill Tartuk. Tartuk had taken damage and knew that the fight had turned against him, so he turned himself invisible to flee.

The Chief promised the group that the Sootscale tribe would help them out whenever they needed and gave them all of Tartuk’s remaining loot, as well as some things the kobolds couldn’t use themselves.



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