This Is Our Land

Return of the Ring

After bidding farewell to the kobolds, the party decided to move on and attempt to find the fangberry grove. They also decided to do some exploring and mapping as they passed through the area. As part of their exploring, they came across a dying tree rising out of a small hill, looking like a claw reaching from the ground. Finding some freshly disturbed dirt at the base of the tree, they did a little digging and found someone’s forgotten stash of coins.

At the small valley containing the fangberries, they found to their dismay, that all the bushes were covered in a fine net of webbing. Also, fangberry bushes have very large thorns on them. Berne attempted to gather up a sack full, did well with the thorns, but not so well with the swarm of spiders that did not like him stomping through their home. Luckily, the tiny spiders were held at bay by Lars’ nascent ability to control the wind, and they got out of there fast.

Back at Bokken’s they found out that the Stag Lord’s liquor was distilled by someone quite knowledgable about it. Bokken was quite willing and able to go on at length about distilling, but the group had to move on. They gave him the berries, and he affirmed his discount for them.

Back at Oleg’s, they gave Svetlana’s ring to Oleg, who was quite happy to see it. He gave them credit for any supplies he carried. There was also a new visitor to the Trading Post — a priest of Erastil.



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