This Is Our Land

Exploring We Will Go

DM Note: Slow updates due to fits and starts playing as some nights some players couldn’t make it. This is a summary of the group finishing up the exploration and defeating the Stag Lord.

The group spent a couple weeks exploring the section given to them by charter. There was an encounter with some bandits sent out to find them and stop them from pacifying the lands. They managed to retrieve both Tuskgutter’s head for the hunter (no head cheese yet) and a Tatzlwyrm head for Oleg. Lars managed to talk the tricksome fey pair out of playing any more pranks on the group. Dugan was able to purge the curse from an old temple to Erastil and the group sent the travelling priest Jhovan to look after it. And every day, dealing with the Stag Lord got closer and closer.

After preparations wherein they got Bodken to put some sleep poison in the liquor they had taken as spoils and bought a few potions to help with their attack, they sent three of their group in to deliver the bottles. After giving the Stag Lord enough time to fall asleep, they moved to get the gates open and in the general melee, the keep was pacified, with one of the bandit leaders simply walking away in the middle of the fight, and the Stag Lord bound and trussed and headed back to face justice for his crimes.



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