This Is Our Land

The Thorn Ford Camp

A major dent in bandit activity

It was decided that Happs Brydon would be kept in the midden heap until someone could come and collect him and take him to Restov for trial and pretty much hanging. The characters knew that would be the outcome, and that they probably had the right to carry out the sentence, but they weren’t sure that having just arrived in the Greenbelt that they had the authority to handle bandits that way. Plus, one of the Wanted posters mentioned that Restov wanted to make sure bandits were taken care of, so sending one or more back to be tried would play into getting that reward.

There was some interviewing of Neiri, who helpfully gave the characters the layout of the bandit camp. He also told them what he knew of the lead bandit, the Stag Lord. Now that the charcters all had horses, thanks to defeated bandits, their travel would be easier. Dugan was able to tell that Neiri was not as black-hearted as Happs, so the group decided to trust him a little bit and let him lead them to the Thorn Ford Camp of the bandits menacing the northern section of the Greenbelt. There was some more discussion of a strategy before they decided to attack.

Neiri mentioned that taking out the woman in charge of the camp would probably mean most of the bandits surrendering, so the plans centered on that. Berne and Corwyn would be tasked with taking out the guard on one of the platforms, and Lily, who managed to arrive not long after the fight at Oleg’s, would be responsible for entangling the low-level thugs to try to keep them out of the fight with Kressle.

Berne listened carefully while the others engaged in a lengthy discussion of the pros and cons of various plans of attack, his only contribution being, “Tell me who to go after, and I’ll do it.” But the talking went on a bit longer than expected, and he began to wonder whether so much time would pass that the encamped bandits would begin to wonder what had happened to their comrades. When it seemed the outlines of a tactical attack had been sketched, Berne stood. “I will get into position. At a count of 30, I will shoot at the man on the watch platform.” As he walked away, he could be heard saying in a low voice. “One. Two. Three. …”

Another decently planned fight went the characters’ way. Kressle wouldn’t surrender, and once she was done in, the others surrendered. So they now have four more bandits to decide what to do with, and they really should not get used to all the fights going their way.



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